Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Digital Imaging: Photography Composition Principles


In this assignment you will identify four camera composition techniques. The four techniques are:
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Leading Lines
  • Framing
  • And your own selection
There are many different composition techniques, so you will also select the fourth technique. It is entirely up to you to determine which technique will be your fourth choice. Consider a technique that you think would create a photo that would most likely complement an effective layout and design. 

You can search online to explore information about these techniques, or you can click here to check out a provided site. 

For this assignment, you can either use Google Slides or an application of your choice (just make sure you can embed, link, or share the final product on your blog). As you gather your information, store your material in Google Slides or your chosen application. You will probably require two to three slides for each technique.

The Assignment
  1. Create a definition for each of the composition techniques. Cite your source(s).
  2. Find one example (an actual photo) for each technique. Use copyright friendly or copyright free images (public domain/creative commons) and cite your source(s). 
  3. Using a camera, take your own photos so you can provide two of your own examples for each technique.
  4. For each technique, explain how your own photos are effective examples of this particular technique. 
Assignment Format and Layout 

Provide a title to your presentation and a relevant image (example: someone taking a photo)
For each technique consider this format:
  • One slide with a title of the technique and the definition with the photo example you found online (Citing of sources can be small active links under photo/definition)
  • The next slide with the title of the technique and your first example and the explanation of how it is an effective example of this particular technique.
  • A third slide with the title of the technique and your second example and the explanation of how it is an effective example of this particular technique.
  • Review the site we originally looked at for the first assignment by clicking here. You want to make sure you follow many of these design tips when creating your presentation. 
Self Assessment

When you have completed the assignment, use the checklist below to ensure that you have included all the required components. Your teacher may have a handout of this checklist.
  • I have a title page that includes the necessary information with a relevant image
  • I have included solid definitions for each technique (total of four).
  • I have cited my source(s) for where I got the information for the definitions. 
  • Out of the four techniques, I have selected one technique that I feel is relevant to our area of study on layout and design. 
  • I have included (in small print) the source for my photos with a direct link.
  • My photo examples are copyright free or copyright friendly.
  • I have created and included two photo examples for each technique that are effective examples. 
  • I have written solid explanations justifying why my examples are effective. 
  • I have applied at least six (6) of the eleven (11) design tips from the online article.