Sunday, February 11, 2018

What is Public Domain and Creative Commons?

Part One - Four Videos

Make sure it is you logged into EDpuzzle and
not someone else
  • Every time you use Edpuzzle, make sure you are logged into your Google account (look at the top right hand corner of the video frame and make sure it is your name). 
  • Make sure to watch each video in its entirety as your work will be evaluated for this unit.

Part Two - Blog Assignment
  • Do an online search and find three sites that offer Public Domain and/or Creative Commons material. Try to find one for each: images, videos and sounds. Hint: One video you watched was by Pond5 and they have a Public Domain Project you can check out. Another video also mentioned searching on the Creative Commons site
  • In your blog post, make a separate paragraph for each site, and describe what it offers and how it could be helpful for creating your own media. 
  • Discuss in each paragraph for each site: ease of use; how effective the search engine is; whether it offers useful material. 
  • Create a title for your blog post, edit it carefully and use the spell checker before posting your final work.