Monday, March 26, 2018

Exploring Website Elements


Watch the video below on the anatomy of a website (elements that are included and common in most website design). Make sure you are logged in under your name and not another student's name. 

The elements that the video discusses are:
  • Header and Navigation
  • Call to Action
  • Primary Content 
  • Secondary/Tertiary Content
  • Sidebar
  • Footer


Once you have completed the video and the questions, check out this site and find a few websites that effectively illustrate how these elements should be used in website design.

Take a screen shot (Mac) (Windows) showing at least one good example for each element (you can use more than one website for different element). Using Google Drawings, upload your screenshots and identify and label the elements. 
Justify why you think the examples you selected are effective. This can be explained in one paragraph including all the elements, or in separate short sentences for each element. 

Once you have completed the assignment, you can share the assignment on Google Drawings and place the share link in a blog post and title the post "Exploring Website Elements." 
Note: You may need more than one Google Drawings file to complete this assignment. 

Click here to see a partial example of this assignment. The example only includes two elements.

Self Assessment Checklist
  • I have included effective examples for each element (six elements in total).
  • I have clearly indicated on my screenshots of the websites what elements I am illustrating. 
  • I included a paragraph or separate smaller sentences justifying my example choices. 
  • I have less than three grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors in my assignment. 
  • I have completed a blog post that includes active links to the assignment for online viewing.