Monday, April 9, 2018

Designing Your Website

The Purpose of Your Website

The first thing you will need to do is create a purpose for the website. You will have to come up with some "topic" that you can explore and will give you enough information (content) to create a website. If you are not sure about a topic, consider the following suggestions:
  • Some type of fictional business (you can model it from a real business) 
  • Some type of fictional non-profit organization (you can model it from a real one)
  • A topic you have an interest in and enough knowledge and/or experience you could share in a website
  • A how-to website that explains in great detail on how to make something or what steps to take to purchase an item, etc. 
  • Your magazine topic could become your website, depending on your knowledge and interest. 
  • portfolio of yourself, describing who you are, displaying some school work, describing extra curricular involvement, interests, etc. 

Deciding on Content (Information) and Planning Your Web Design 

Your teacher has a handout that you will need to complete. This handout first focuses on information design. This means you will have to decide on what content (information) will be contained in your website and how you will organize it. It also means your website needs to have a purpose so you can decide on how you want to organize the content. 

You will also research some other websites that are covering a similar topic to yours. This will help  model any good ideas in your own website design.

And finally, you will mock up a site structure and layout plan. So when you start your design using the webpage design software (Weebly), you will have an approach and plan of action on how you want to layout your elements and the content.

Designing Your Website

Your teacher will create a student account for you on Weebly. Inform To access Weebly, click here. Your Weebly account should be the same log in name you use for the school network. If you are not sure about your Weebly account, check with your teacher.

Weebly also has a support section which can help as you become familiar with the software and features. Click here to access the support section, and you can access it directly when you log in.

Click here to see an example of a website designed using Weebly.

Below are the elements and features that should be included in your website. You will be using this list as a self assessment checklist as you finish your website:

Homepage (or Mainpage)
  • Clear title identifying the website
  • Attractive clean layout with strong eye appeal 
  • Index or table of contents
  • Site creator and contact information
  • Date site was created or updated
Layout and Design
  • Division tags or tables (layout)
  • Sections are clearly labelled
  • Consistent colours and format throughout the website
  • Text is legible and complements the background
  • Colour and fonts are effective
  • Pages are not too long (not a lot of scrolling is necessary)
  • Consistent navigation menu on all pages
  • Location of navigation menus is consistent on all pages
  • Content is engaging for the intended audience
  • Information is clearly labeled and organized
  • Information is easy to find (not more than 3 clicks away)
  • Links to external sites are evident
  • Graphics are of appropriate quality 
  • Graphics are original, or are copyright friendly/copyright free
  • Graphics effectively complement the content 
  • Spacing (and possibly bullets and/or indents) complement the overall design
Technical Elements
  • Home page is clearly identifiable 
  • All internal and external links work and are clearly labeled
  • Size of graphics is appropriate
  • All pages have a title
  • Audio files, video files and animations serve a purpose