Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Soundscape Project

For this assignment you will be creating sounds to enhance a visual experience.
  • You will need to select a photo for this assignment (or take your own photo or use one of your own).
  • You want a photo with which you can associate many different sounds. 
  • You will create a soundscape for the photo. 
  • If you were in the location of the photo and closed your eyes, what would you hear?
Requirements for the Assignment
  • Create a planning document that includes: brainstorming, classifying, and an outline of your Soundscape (your teacher should have a handout)
  • Have at least two sounds that utilize Sound Panning (see resources below for more information)
  • Use 12-15 different sounds (you can use the self produced sounds - Foley - you made in the previous assignment if they apply or sounds that were created by other students)
  • You can use different online resources to obtain sounds. Make sure to use copyright friendly or free sites (see resources below)
  • Make sure you have all the sounds you are going to use as separate files in a folder or saved on Google Drive
  • You will use GarageBand to upload and edit the sounds and you will save this as a final "soundtrack" for your Soundscape. 
  • Your final soundtrack should be one minute and 30 seconds in length.
  • Scroll down to the end of this blog post to see some examples that were created by other students. 
  • How to Use GarageBand: Check out the links to videos on the top header of this blog.
  • Panning: Click here for guidelines and here for a video (GarageBand). 
  • Copyright friendly and copyright free sounds: Freesound and FreeSFX. 
  • We also have access to some sounds at AudioBlocks. Obtain the username and password from the teacher if you want to explore sound options on this site. 
  • There are more links below as well:

Planning your Soundscape
  1. Select or create an image
  2. Brainstorm potential sounds (12-15)
  3. Classify the sounds (constant, intermittent, single)
  4. Collect the sounds (sound files)
  5. Include Foley sounds if related to Soundscape
  6. Make an outline
  7. Mix and Edit (Using GarageBand)
  8. Go over the student checklist 
  9. Perform any revisions
  10. Export and upload 
  11. Share both the image and soundtrack in a blog post
Student Checklist
  • The image I selected is my own or is copyright friendly or copyright free.
  • All of my sounds are copyright friendly or copyright free.
  • I have included 12 or more sounds in my Soundscape. 
  • I prepared a planning document and included all the necessary information.
  • At least two of my sounds use Sound Panning.
  • I have my sounds available as separate files saved together in one space (folder/Google Drive).
  • I edited and mixed all my sounds using GarageBand and exported the file.
  • My Soundscape is of high quality and helps the audience connect the audio experience to the intended image.
  • The Soundscape is one minute and 30 seconds in length. 
  • My Soundscape is uploaded to the appropriate site, and I embedded it on my blog with the selected image so others can view and listen to my SoundScape. 
Student Examples