Friday, May 25, 2018

Which Storyboards Do You Like?

The previous assignment explored storyboard and how they can help create a visual representation before starting the film production.

As one of the videos mentioned, there are numerous storyboard templates available for use.

For this assignment, do a search online for storyboard templates. It is suggested you search under "images" so you can quickly determine what templates are available.

Go through the different options and select two templates that you like.

In a blog post, upload the template images (if possible) and also provide direct links to them (make sure after you post the assignment that the links work).

Write a paragraph or two explaining why you selected these two templates and what you feel they offer anyone who wants to create a storyboard. Some things to consider are:
  • The space available for sketching out each frame
  • The number of frames per page
  • Whether or not there is space to write down additional information, such as dialogue, camera shots, and other directions.
You can title the assignment "My Two Storyboard Selections" and do not forget to post it. Also view the post on your blog to make sure everything looks good and all the links are active.